Korea’s best laundry service company

Cleantopia is a laundry service company that started its business as Korea’s first-ever advanced laundry shop starting from Seongnam Woosung branch in 1992. We steadily maintained the top position in the laundry industry with continuous technological development and customer service improvement. Today, we have more than 134 branches and 2,492 chains nationwide, meeting customers with faster and cleaner laundry services.

With endless efforts and study, we will continue to lead the environment-friendly laundry culture and always be with customers as a Korea’s leading laundry service company that makes our customers' lives more convenient.

  • Corporate Philosophy Clean the world! Enrich life!
  • Management Philosophy Cultivating talented personnel, customer satisfaction, social contribution
  • The concept of competent person which Cleantopia wants. Creative and passionate

Branches and chains

We, Cleantopia, currently have 134 branches and 2,492 chains nationwide.

Cleantopia History

This is a trajectory of us, Cleantopia, as a leading laundry service company.

2011 ~ present

2011 ~ present300th Cleantopia Coinwash branch opened

June, 300th Cleantopia Coinwash branch opened
January, Osan factory(distribution center and special laundry division) built
December, 150 billion of revenue gained
July, “Clean Academy”, an education website, opened
2000 ~ 2009

2000 ~ 2009Cleantopia R & D center established

November, Launched natural Ugg boots laundry service
June, 1st Multi-shop, “Yangjae 2-dong” store, opened
January, 1,000th chain opened, a breakthrough record in the Korean laundry service industry.
February, Cleantopia R & D center established
May, acquired a patent on 'Method of transferring and sorting laundry and its device'
(Automatic laundry sorting system)
April, fiber softener 'Option' developed
May, a fiber antibacterial deodorant “Morning in the forest” and a detergent for stain developed
1986 ~ 1999

1986 ~ 1999Bogosilup corporation established(dyeing, textile processing)

October, Awarded the Iron Tower Industrial Order for the Development of the Textile Technology Industry
January, Cleantopia established
November, Bogosilup corporation established(dyeing, textile processing)

Award details

These are Cleantopia’s award details.

  • Awarded Order of Industrial Service Merit (Iron Tower)
  • Awarded Prime Ministerial Commendation
  • Awarded Trade, Industry and Energy Ministerial Commendation
  • Awarded Trade, Industry and Energy Minister’s Prize(Best Practice CEO)
  • Awarded Trade, Industry and Energy Minister’s Prize
  • Awarded grand prize in Best Franchise(in 2007 and 2008)