Luxury Bag

Cleantopia’s Luxury Bag Laundry / Repair Service

Leather bags or bags with various contaminations,
Luxury Bag Laundry / Repair Service

Leather bags or bags with various contaminations,

Are you afraid of washing them by yourself

but still hesitating to throw them away?

They are washed and dyed cleanly

by the hand of the leather expert.

Laundry service guide
  • Leather professionals will check the condition of the leather bag and judge whether it is possible to be washed or dyed.
  • Cleantopia has introduced leather washing and dyeing techniques from developed countries such as Japan and America and has been using the highest quality washing machine, laundry detergent and dyeing chemicals.
  • All leather bags are hand-washed and dyed by skilled leather professionals from our own special leather-wash department, so you can get the same service even if you ask any of our stores across the country.
  • Leather dyeing service is available for both full and partial dyeing. Full dyeing service can be done With the same color or dark color, and partial dyeing can be done with the desired color on the handle or corner.

Luxury bag repair case

Luxury Wallet Repair Case

Repair service guide
  • We will repair the bag in accordance with the original shape and characteristics of materials with experts’ know-how and high quality materials.
  • The repair service will be done to repair to the original condition. We will not proceed the service to change the design.
Partial repair case

Edge coating processing

Leather edge wax is a rubber compound that is applied at the handle of the bag or at the end of the leather.
It can crack or fall when continuous deformation is applied due to prolonged use, friction, and weight of the bag.

Rim repair

When friction is continuously applied at the rim of the bag, it can foster the breakage of the leather.
Full repair case
Nume leather bag can become blackish when used for a long time and can be split.
* Nume leather: vegetable tanned leather. It is not dyed and coated with high strength and easy discoloration

Part name of bag

  • The brand logo cannot be put in the original place if all-replacement repair service is proceeded. The repaired product may be different from the original leather, material and parts used in the original production.
  • Depending on the condition of the product, the way of repairing work may be changed by experts’ Judgment. Additional charges may occur depending on designs, materials and difficulty.
Repair period
  • 15~20Days. it may take longer depending on the repair material and difficulty.