Hat / Doll / Bag

Cleantopia’s Hat / Doll / Bag Laundry Service

We only remove stains without distortion
Hat / Doll / Bag Laundry Service
"Are you worried that laundry will ruin your favorite fashion accessories?"
Do you worry that your hats and bags, which are your favorite fashion accessories, will be ruined after washing?

We will clean the stains on caps and bags cleanly without any deformation.

Hat Laundry Service Guide

Completion of style! Hat wrinkle removal service

Snapback, MLB hat, etc. We will clean the wrinkles that may occur when washing at home.
*The wrinkle removal service will be applied Under 'hat (embroidery)' requisition.

Doll Laundry Service Guide

Doll laundry service makes a doll fluffy again as a new one.

Children consider it a friend, always hugging and sucking.
Washing and drying were not easy. Besides, it makes people worry that it will be deformed after washing.
Doll cleaning service washes not only dirt but also mites that might cause allergies.
  • When washing dolls at home, there is often a problem like dust accumulation between fur or dry after a few days. It generates odor and the hair is clumped and the original shape is damaged after drying.
  • Depending on materials of a doll, it might lose hair or fur after washing or drying.