Bedclothes laundry

Cleantopia’s Dust-free, Mite-free Bedclothes Laundry

Remove mites and dust
Bedclothes laundry service.
"A bulky blanket and bedclothes. Isn’t it hard to wash or dry at home?"
Remaining dirt, dust and mites even after the laundry are thoroughly washed.

Now, wash your bedding cleanly with Cleantopia’s laundry service and keep it neatly!

Cleantopia Bedclothes Laundry service
  • Large-capacity washing machine

    Large-capacity washing machine to clean stains as well as detergent residue! Now, don’t worry about bulky winter blanket.

  • Hygienic Drying System

    Bedclothes always touch our skin like underwear. With Cleantopia’s drying system, sterilize bedclothes and remove various bacteria as well as house-dust mite thoroughly.

  • Tumbling dry

    A large tumbling dryer thoroughly removes foreign matters and removes dead bodies of mites and dust that are left in the bedclothes.

  • Fluffy bedclothes

    Unlike natural drying method, the tumbling method makes bedclothes filled with cotton and duck down fluffy again even after the drying.

30% Discount!
Wash your bedding every Wednesday and Saturday(Thursday and Saturday for mart stores)