Cleantopia’s Sneaker laundry service

Cleantopia’s sneaker laundry service removes stains and stench.
Sneaker laundry service
“Do you worry about odor,

bacteria and stains of your shoes?”

We cleanly remove stains, dirt and odor that is hard to erase at home.
Cleantopia’s Sneakers laundry service
  • Deodorization processing
  • Antifungal processing
  • Customized drying
  • Hand-wash service for hard-to-erase stains
Sneakers Laundry Service Guide
If shoes are dry-cleaned, the adhesive is dissolved by solvents and the insoles and outsoles are separated. Thus, sneakers are cleaned with water washing method.

Leather shoes are not washed in principle, but if you want to wash, we wash with water. In this case, special chemicals are used to minimize color fading and surface hardening. After wash, shoes are fixed to maintain the original shape and dried naturally and shoe-shined.
At this stage, discoloration, shrinkage, deformation and roughness may occur depending on the characteristics of materials.
  • Discoloration, shrinkage, deformation and roughness may occur depending on the characteristics of materials.
  • In the case of chamois or leather, the manufacturer may have been marked not to wash. In this case, after washing with water for decontamination, due to the nature of the material of sneakers, discoloration, shrinkage, roughness, dyes may occur.

Please use professional laundry service for
luxury shoes and Ugg boots.

Luxury shoes and Ugg boots require a professional laundering process,
so be sure to use service of a trusted professional laundry company.

Luxury Shoe Laundry Service Luxury shoes are hard to wash!
Get clean your shoes with skilled professionals at Cleantopia.
Trustworthy service with professionals at Cleantopia! Ugg boots laundry service Ugg boots(with natural materials) will be gently cleaned with
special detergents and washing methods for leather.
Ugg Boots Laundry Service Guide

Natural Ugg Boots Laundry Service

Cleanup Natural Ugg Boots laundry service is done by leather washing specialists in the special washing department directly operated by the head office.
  • It is washed beautifully to the inside of shoes with exclusive detergent for leather!
  • Special solutions are used to restore the natural color of leather!
  • Special drying facilities prevent leather damages of Ugg boots!
  • The calcium chloride used for snow removal in the winter causes hardening of the natural leather.
  • Ugg boots damaged by calcium chloride will not be restored its color or appearance perfectly even if it is washed. If your Ugg boots are damaged with calcium chloride, it must be quickly cleaned before hardening to prevent damage as much as possible.
  • Natural ugg boots restoration service is a service that restores the shrinkage and hardening phenomenon (hardness of leather) caused by calcium chloride. Color restoration is difficult, and appearance restoration can restore 70 ~ 80% or more. However, if the contamination or damage of the ugg boots is severe, it may not be restored by the restoration service.
Laundry Period
  • It usually takes 10 to 15 days. However, it can take longer if it is severely contaminated or when there is a lot of orders in April and May.