Up to 30%,
We offer discounts for you enjoy your benefits!
Cleantopia Discounts
  • ‘Cleaning Day’ apply on Thursdays for stores located in malls
  • Bedclothes Day apply on Thursdays and Saturdays for stores located in malls
  • discount for birthday
  • Some items such as shirts, ties, scarves, mufflers, and supplementary services are excluded.
  • You cannot use it with other discount coupons. (No double discount)
  • For anniversary discounts, you can receive a 20% discount for a birthday you registered. It can be used within 15 days (31 days in total) before and after the anniversary date. The other 20% off offer can be used on the anniversary date you registered.
Cleantopia Stamp Coupon
  • Every time you pay more than 5,000 won
    one stamp coupon offered
  • Automatic registration of
    3,000 won coupon upon completion of 12 stamps
You can check it anywhere with Cleantopia app
You can check the status of stamps and laundry coupons with the Cleantopia application (app)!
Download the app now and check our offers.
  • Every time you pay more than 5,000 won, one stamp coupon offered
  • Postpaid, collection and delivery and collecting laundry are excluded for stamp offer service
  • When 12 stamps are collected, 3,000 won laundry coupons are automatically issued, and collecting stamp starts again from the beginning.
  • The stamp will be automatically expired when you do not visit one of our stores within 6 months. It counts the number of dates based on the final payment date (batch cancellation)
  • The validity of the issued laundry coupon is 3 months from the date of issuance, and the remaining balance after using is is automatically expired.
  • It is not possible to collect and use in some marts and malls.