Special Cleaning

Cleantopia’s Special Cleaning Service

From yellow stain removal service to sweat removal service!
Special cleaning service plus washing expertise
Yellow Stain Removal Service

Choose Cleantopia’s yellow stain removal service for yellow-turned stains

When sweat and stains left unwashed for a long time, it turns yellow
Cleantopia’s special procedure ensures perfect yellow stain removal

Yellow stain removal service - recommended clothes

White blouses and Y-shirts, summer t-shirts, men's pants, light-colored jackets.

Impossible clothing materials for yellow stain removal service

Due to the nature of the material, wool, silk, and acrylic are impossible to remove yellow stains. These kinds of clothing materials are recommended to wash immediately after wearing so as not to cause yellow stain.
Sweat removal service guide

Sweat removal service for pants with sweat

It is a service that removes sweat stains with special work which cannot be removed by dry cleaning.
Sweat residue that are soaked in the parts like thighs and buttocks of pants are not removed by dry cleaning. In this case, if you use the sweat removal service, you can remove the remaining sweat components even after the dry cleaning, and the feeling of the clothes will refresh.

Why isn’t sweat components removed by dry cleaning?

The main component of sweat is water, and it is composed of sodium chloride, protein, ammonia, lipid and so on. These ingredients are water soluble and cannot be removed by dry cleaning solvents.

Sweat removal service - Recommended clothes

Sweat soaked silk clothes and suit pants.
Special Stain-removal Service Guide

Special stain-removal service for difficult to clean at home

It is a service that removes stains such as mold, blood, ink, etc that are not easy to do with ordinary washing method through special work.

Types of stains requiring special stain-removal service

Clothes with mold, blood, ink, ball mark, paint, bond, etc.
Water-repellent processing service

Water-repellent processing service

It is a special procedure that protects the fiber with special treatment so that water vapor (sweat) and air pass through the special water-repellent layer, but the water droplet cannot pass and dirt is not easily penetrated.

Cases for water-repellent processing service is required

  • Water-repellent clothes can flow liquid like beads without contamination even if they are spilled with coffee or wine.
  • It is good for rainy days, especially for monsoon season.

Water-repellent service Recommended clothes

Suits, ties, golf wear, mountaineering clothes and so on.