Clean the world! Enrich life!

Since its foundation in 1992, Cleantopia has been working hard to provide good quality laundry service at a reasonable price. Constant innovation and generous investment have become the cornerstone of today's Cleantopia that can provide a wide range of laundry services ranging from shirts, quilts, sneakers to leather, hats and bags.

"Clean the world! Enrich life!” Cleantopia's vision is mean to make our customers’ lives more comfortable with us. Customers' love and interest in responding to our efforts has led us to the current position, Korea’s first laundry service company.

We want to make our customers happier with our service by putting the best value on improving the quality of customers’ life. We will devote ourselves to developing various services and improving the quality of them, and promise to be a partner for customers’ comfortable and relaxed life.

President & CEO Lee Bum Taek