Same-day Laundry Service

Cleantopia’s Same-day Laundry Service

drop off in the morning, pick up in the evening
Same-day Laundry Service
"What if you have clothes that need to be washed quickly?

Use our same-day laundry service.

It is a quick laundry service that you can pick up in the evening if you drop off your laundry early in the morning,
Same-day Laundry Service
  • Super Express Service (same-day laundry service): If you drop off your laundry early in the morning, you can pick it up in the evening.
  • Express Service (one-day laundry service): You can pick your laundry up in the next evening.
  • Depending on the stores’ situation or laundry items, Super Express Service(same-day laundry service) or Express Service(one-day laundry service) may not be available. Please contact the store before visit.
  • Items that cannot be washed on the day: some items, such as leather, sneakers, down, etc., cannot be washed on the same day due to washing or drying process.
This is a useful service for such cases.
  • When you need quick laundry service for a meeting
  • When you forget to wash clothes for work.
It is the first ever service in the industry that deliver items three times a day.
Do laundry service store have slow delivery system?

No, it's not true for Cleantopia. Cleantopia has fast delivery system.

Enjoy our speedy delivery system! With our advanced automation system and systematic logistics, we deliver 3 times a day.