General Clothes

Cleantopia General Clothing Laundry Service

Clean the world!
Enrich life!
Cleantopia wants to provide the moment

of freshness you can feel when wearing new clothes.

We want to give you a fresh feeling of wearing new clothes whenever you wear them.

For that fresh moment, we, Cleantopia, continuously put efforts to study laundry and clothes.

CleantopiaWashing Process
  1. Cleantopia Washing Process START
  2. 01 Sorting by material and washing method
  3. 02 Remove stain and prevent damage
  4. 03 Customized laundry
  5. 04 Check stain removal
  6. 05 Customized drying based on Material (Natural drying, tumbling drying, etc.)
  7. 06 Steam press or hand ironing
  8. 07 Customized packaging
  9. Cleantopia Customized laundry FINISH
Cleantopia’s Customized Packaging
  • Flat packaging

  • Box packaging

  • Hanger packing

  • Hat packaging