Cleantopia's Proper Laundry

Cleantopia R&D Center

Research institution to improve laundry service.
Cleantopia R & D Center pursues the improvement of laundry quality and eco-friendly laundry service through various experiments and technical exchanges with developed countries.
Development of special laundry service From removing yellow stain and sweat stain service to water-repellent processing service, Clean Topia R & D Center offers cleaner and more scientific cleaning services through years of special laundry research.
Research on textile, stain and detergent We study washing method for new material, suitability of detergent, and optimum ironing method. Plus, we pursue better washing quality by studying stain removal methods and solvents that can effectively remove various hard-to-remove stains while minimizing fiber damage.
Technical exchange with developed countries Cleantopia strives for the best quality of laundry by introducing and researching new washing technology, washing machine and solvents through continuous technical exchange with advanced countries such as Japan, USA and Europe.
Thorough dry-cleaning cleaning solutions management Care is important because dry cleaning solvents are reusable. Unlike conventional dry cleaners, Cleantopia has achieved a clean and healthy laundry system with a distillable laundry method and advanced filtering system. We thoroughly inspect all branches nationwide and maintain high quality dry cleaning solvents.